Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday ostrich blogging

Since I was not able to do a cat blog on Friday, here is a photo of one of the ostriches at our bed and breakfast in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, where we stayed when we went to see the Family Circle Cup

A close-up

A basket of ostrich eggs right outside our room--the ostriches lay eggs constantly

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No commentary about the world's largest omelet? Just kidding, Diane, you can put the gun down.

I've heard that ostriches are, for the most part, inclined to be found in bad humor, at least as far as their interaction with humans is involved. Any truth to it?

By Blogger Bubba, at 11:12 AM  

Oh, have forced me to go into detail about the ostriches at the b&b. There are four females--get ready--Ofeelya (loves to be touched), Odessa, some other "o" word that is the name of a defunct planation which I cannot recall (I wondered why there was no Olivia, and our host said she should have thought of that) and...Oloof. I'm not making this up. Oloof, of course, did not care for our company, the company of the other ostriches, or even the company of the resident goat (most animals like to be around goats). She even slept apart from the others.

The other three, however, very much like having human company, and they "chatted" with us in their ostrich way--without making any sounds, just opening and shutting their mouths. They would rush to the fence as soon as they saw people coming.

When the terrible storms came on Sunday, I went out to see the ostriches before the rain started. The wind was blowing their feathers into great puffs, and it was quite a sight. I wanted to get photos, but had to rush back in because the rain came.

By Blogger Diane, at 11:47 AM  

Damn... another myth busted. *sigh*

At the rate my preconceptions are falling, I should be completely out before year's end. I'm still doggedly hanging on to the 'every dog will have his day' thing...

Actually, it's nice to hear that they have personalities... it adds another dimension to an otherwise regal and intimidating animal.

By Blogger Bubba, at 1:23 PM  

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