Sunday, April 08, 2007

Family Circle Cup--Day 2 of qualifying

The weather was very nice all day, with little wind--unlike yesterday. Of the matches we watched, once again, the Fedak match was the most entertaining. Like yesterday, Fedak was very streaky, playing very cleanly for long stretches, then losing her momentum. In the end, she prevailed over Jarmila Gajdosova, and has entered the main draw. Having her coach talk with her helps Fedak a great deal. Fedak also does a lot of rapid self-talk, which we find amusing.

Poor Karolina Sprem, who was already having trouble with her knee wrap (she tore it off at one point), sustained a right hip strain toward the end of the first set, which she lost 4-6, to Jelena Kostanic Tosic. She called for the trainer, who worked on her hip, but things didn't get much better. She called for the trainer again during the second set, and got a Tiger Balm rub, but she was clearly in pain and unable to serve properly. Kostanic Tosic won easily and went into the main draw.

The Rodionova-Czink match, which we thought would be good, became a Czink meltdown after the first set. Czink completely lost her concentration and couldn't do much of anything, giving Rodionova an easy win. We also saw Vera Dushevina easily defeat Laura Pous Tio in straight sets.

This morning, I saw Patty Schnyder practicing with Li Na in the main stadium. When they left, Jelena Jankovic came in and practiced. This afternoon, Jankovic was back, and practicing with Li. Then Li left, and Jankovic's coach hit some soft balls to her, which she had trouble returning; they kept going out. Eventually, though, she was able to hit good returns. We heard him tell her to avoid negative thinking. We then met Jankovic, who was very friendly, and she signed a tennis ball for me.

When I mentioned yesterday how disappointed I was that Alona Bondarenko had withdrawn from the tournament, I forgot to say I was also quite disappointed that Lucie Safarova withdrew.

Tennis outfit of the day: No one gets the nod today. There may have been a good tennis outfit, but it wasn't on anyone we saw play.

This morning, we met those ostriches at our bed and breakfast, and saw them eating breakfast with the goat who lives here. Needless to say, I got some great photos.


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