Saturday, March 10, 2007

I have good news and bad news

The good news is that Rev. R. Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, has acknowledged that homosexuality is not a "choice," but is part of one's genetic makeup. We know that he has acknowledged this because of the bad news: Mohler says he would support medical treatment that would change a fetus's sexual orientation.

Given the consequences of the Fall and the effects of human sin, we should not be surprised that such a causation or link is found. After all, the human genetic structure, along with every other aspect of creation, shows the pernicious effects of the Fall and of God's judgment.

In other words, God is punishing the human race by making some people gay. But if we could get rid of the "sin" before birth, we could help God along.

All in all, I consider Mohler's statement to be good news. Somehow, it has occurred to at least one leader of the crazies that people don't wake up one morning and say to themselves, "Wow! What fun it would be to live in secret, get insulted, be shut out of my Constitutional rights, and get beaten up. I think I'll be become gay!"


Now wait a minute.

If God wants some people to be gay, whether as a punishment or whatever, what right do mere people have to go against what God wants by trying to cure teh gay in utero?

Wouldn't that be working against God's will? Is Rev. Mohler saying that he knows what God wants better than God knows and that we must fix God's mistakes?

What about all that infallibility stuff?

Alas, try as they might, they just cannot have it both ways. They end up circling right back into their own logic.

By Anonymous Dee, at 10:48 PM  

Yeah, I caught that, too, Dee. Giving God some techno-help.

By Blogger Diane, at 12:27 AM  

So, genetic abnormalities are simply pernicious effects of the Fall? Interesting.

I guess this puts the a-okay on genetically modified crops as well. God really meant for corn to be pest resistant!

How much is this guy getting from ADM?

By Anonymous kathyF, at 4:46 AM  

They can't exactly advocate aborting gay fetuses. Still, what do they really think will happen? If these so-called "medical advances" occur, the ability to identify a "gay fetus" would come long before the ability to "fix" it. It all sounds just as creepy to me as anything else they have to say. The message is still that gay people are not only to be despised, but they don't even have the right to be born. -L

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:22 PM  

The message may be creepy, but the conflicting "moralities" create a thicket of rhetorical brambles they can never get out of without tearing their vestments and getting blood on their Bibles. You can't have it both ways: People can't choose to be gay if they are born that way, and you can't abort a fetus because abortion is wrong.

By Blogger Diane, at 3:50 PM  

Having grown up in a Southern Baptist Church, I'll vote for them figuring out a way to reconcile any contradiction to their own satisfaction. The Lord works in mysterious ways and they already believe plenty of insane things. Do you really think that the fundie worldview is bothered by logic or confusion?

Another thing to consider is that they are violently opposed to abortion, but the second the child is born, they lose interest. What would good Christian folks do if they found out that fetuses in those godly wombs are gay? So they know even before birth that the poor child is inalterably bad. Our society is not prepared to deal with this.

Did you say something about good news? -L

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:29 PM  

Yes. For someone of Mohler's stature to acknowledge that homosexuality is determined at birth is still a big deal, despite the rest of the craziness that goes with that.

And those people believe that all their children are "born with sin" anyway.

By Blogger Diane, at 12:28 AM  

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