Thursday, March 08, 2007

Going out of our way to oppose Clinton

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I am not wildly enamored of Sen. Clinton as a presidential candidate, but I am not that keen on any of the Democratic candidates (I am not even a Democrat), save Dennis Kucinich. But as readers also know, I am a Clinton apologist because I think that a lot of the opposition to her is mean-spirited and sexist. And the sexist opposition to her often comes from women. Some of it comes, for example, from Ariana Huffington, who berates Clinton for doing the same thing that all of the male candidates do, only Huffington does not go after them. Gloria Feldt, writing in Women's eNews, breaks it down quite well.

The bottom line is, I want a woman to be president--it is way past time. Clinton is not the woman I would personally select, but she also has an excellent voting record in a lot of areas, and I do not reject her, either. We could do much, much worse under a system that rewards mediocrity and punishes individualism. I generally vote for the Green candidate, but if Clinton is the nominee, I will support her.

In the meantime, what Feldt says makes a lot of sense.


I hope Senator Clinton is the one and I hope I can vote for her. I don't have to like absolutely every detail down to her nail polish to know that she's smart, tough, and skilled at the things that Presidents need to know how to do. Quite a contrast from the thing we have now. Why do Democrats have to be so perfect? Why do Republicans get to be sleazy, stupid, and in bed with both CEOs and religious freaks without worrying for a moment about losing their "base." I'll never forget how she presented her ideas on health care without notes, and she never missed a beat. She's brilliant. She's good at what she does. I'd love to vote for her. But when election day comes, I'll vote for any Democrat who is still standing. It won't matter who it is. I want to do whatever I can to make sure the Shrub isn't succeeded by another Republican.

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