Friday, February 23, 2007


I stepped out of my home office to see if any of the cats wanted lunch, and found three of them in the living room, gathered around the Oriental rug, where they had cornered this snake. It was hard to tell whether the snake was dead, hurt, or just stunned. I got it out of the house and determined that it was alive, but either injured or in shock. I went inside to get some Rescue Remedy; usually, a drop or two will reverse a state of shock in any creature. But by the time I got outside again, the snake had regained its composure and was moving along nicely. Shy creature though it is, it allowed me to take these photos.


"Live string! Cooool...."

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:08 PM  

Eeeeek! V. nice of the cats not to have stunned her too much.

Love how her stripe matches the leaves perfectly.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:31 PM  

I love snakes. And my friend who has 6 dogs & 5 cats just discovered Rescue Remedy, and it keeps her 18 year-old chow mix sleeping through the night. Re: Snakes, unfortunately, because of the ignorance of folks, the ones I see up in Griffith Park (here in L.A.) are dead ones. HIKERS actually kill them. And most of the time they aren't rattlers - not that rattlers deserve it but they are the only poisonous snakes up there. Sometimes they are garter snakes or gopher snakes. It makes me soooo angry. Sure I'm worried my dogs could get bit but there's always snake aversion training. I love these snake pics... what kind is it? A garter snake?

By Blogger Unknown, at 12:08 PM  

I'm pretty sure it's a garter snake, yes. It angers me, too, Helen, the way people kill snakes. We try to keep our yard snake-friendly, with lots of underbrush for them to relax in when it gets hot. One lived behind our pump house for a long time, but I think my going back and forth disturbed it, and it moved to a quieter home.

I grew up with snakes--they were all over our yard. And my first serious boyfriend was so into herpetology that he sometimes had a bag of snakes in his car (he used to de-snake people's houses).

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