Friday, February 02, 2007

A lesson in sportsmanship

The Elstonville Sportsmen's Association (whose name is misspelled on its logo, but hey--no surprise) believes that its members did not commit cruelty when they staked live turkeys to bales of straw and used them as targets in a bow and arrow contest. One wonders what these sportsmen would consider cruelty.

The association is fighting charges of eight counts of cruelty to animals, which one of its members called "propaganda." Since we all know that justice is beyond blind when it comes to the subject of animal cruelty, a letter or fax to the prosecutor would help.


I always wonder where sportsmen draw the line. If it is a food animal, does that make it alright? Perhaps the fact that it is a bird. What if it is a carnivore, like an eagle? What about a parrot? Where do they draw the line on suffering for the sake of entertainment and marksmanship?
I have a creepy suspicion that it is whatever the law will allow or they can get away with.

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