Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Here comes The L Word--Could season 4 be worse than season 3?

It was all I could do to watch season 3 of The L Word, it was so irrational. Characters' personalities changed radically for no reason. We saw significantly less of the edgy and complicated Jenny, who underwent one of the quickest mental health treatment successes in history. And they killed Dana, damn them.

On top of that, the character Max was added to the mix, and that just wasn't necessary. One could also construe the addition of Max as an evil message about men, but I won't go there, other than to note that the show has never been especially kind to men.

One of the good things season 4 has to offer is the addition of Cybill Shepherd, an edgy actor in her own right, to the cast, and she should probably fit right in. There will also be a brief re-appearance of the character Marina, a seriously unhinged woman who was always good for intrigue. And, while the message board posters are not happy about the return of Cherie, I am. Rosanna Arquette's wealthy socialite adds quite a bit to the show, in my opinion.

Will the season 4 opening episode be as completely confusing as season 3's opener was? Will Helena get even nicer and more boring, or, now that she is penniless, will we get to see scheming, manipulative Helena again? Will Max just hit Jenny or will he beat her up? Will that idiot Tina realize that a man who has just met you (thank goodness Billy Campbell didn't take that role) and wants to take your daughter away from her other parent is an evil, narcissistic slimebag? Will the "new girl in town" really make us forget about Carmen? Will we ever see Lara again? Will the producers keep calling Alice "bisexual" and still not ever give her a male lover (Here's a hint: "Lisa" doesn't count)?

Tune in Sunday night.


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