Saturday, January 06, 2007

The double standard is making me crazy--leave Britney alone!

If I had a dollar for every time a male rock or pop star got drunk and passed out, I wouldn't be here typing this: I'd be enjoying my brownstone in the Village or my flat in Paris. Popular musician gets drunk or otherwise loaded and passes out--business as usual.

But not Britney Spears. Oh, no. When Britney hits the bottle, we have to hear about it over and over and over again on every "news" channel on television. Interviews with experts. Speculation. Career analyses. Nightly reports by Keith Olbermann.

The GoGos had to endure something similar. Members of the group liked to indulge in a variety of pleasures, and--since they were not men--their behavior was often talked about more than their music. Only recently, I saw a short profile of the GoGos on the Web, and the last line was, "They were known for their hard-partying lifestyle as much as their music," or something like that.

If Britney Spears has a problem with alcohol--and it appears she does--that is not good, especially considering the fact that she has a child. But a large number of the great rock drunks of my day had children, too, and no one seemed to care. Many have children now, and still, no one seems to care.

The rule for women rockers and pop stars is: Be our collective slut, honey, but don't do anything unladylike like get drunk and pass out on New Year's Eve.


That's for damn sure. Great post. I get so annoyed that anyone even cares what the hell Britney's doing, but the fact that if she were a man it would be wink wink isn't he a bad boy sort of stuff, really irks me. In Keith Olbermann's defense, he used to claim his producers made him do fluff stories, but he doesn't say that anymore, which leads me to believe it's true and said producers still make him do the "crowd pleaser" stories ... ugh.

By Blogger Helen Wheels, at 4:10 PM  

Diane, I totally remember that crap about the GoGos.

Britney can't win, and I am annoyed every day that she is roundly criticized by those who fetishize her sexuality, then ridicule her for it, then criticize her for not acting "motherly," then reject her as unsexy when she does.

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