Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday cat blogging--Meet Tarzan!

Last week, when I introduced Ziggy Stardust, I said the story would be continued. The rest of the story is Tarzan, who was also part of the TNR project. When Tarzan was first trapped, he appeared to be one of the few kittens who was truly feral. Despite our attempts to tame him, he snarled and growled and spat and lunged, so we determined that he really did belong with ferals, and let him return to his colony. Not too long after that, he began to grow tame around his caretakers. He was trapped and brought here, and by this time, all of the foster kittens were gone except for Ziggy Stardust, whom I realized I probably couldn't give up.

From the moment Tarazn re-appeared and moved into a pen next to Ziggy's, Ziggy became significantly calmer. The two were allowed to have playtime together, and they got along famously. When we went to Montreal, we were up in the air about the whole situation, so we boarded the kittens, along with Roxie and Velma. During their boarding period, Ziggy and Tarzan played together constantly and became best friends.

What could we do? We had to keep both of them. I wasn't really ready for that, and Roxie and Velma are adjusting, but with queen-like reluctance. I hope that some day, they can all become friends. At least, this way, Ziggy has a kitten to occupy him; otherwise, he would be in even more trouble for using Roxie's tail as a toy.

Tarzan loves to play, and is very affectionate, though still a bit afraid. He will probably do better socially once he stops sneaking up on the big tortie cat and saying "Me Tarzan--you Velma!"


This is the reason I've never signed on to be a dog fosterer.

When I was in college there was a colony of feral cats and I "caught" a kitten and brought him/her in. He had mange, was losing his hair, and had fleas. I heard about a vet that found homes for cats, and brought him in. (My apartment didn't allow pets.) It was hard, and now I realize the vet probably put him down--but I didn't know that then or I'd never have done it.

Your Ziggy and Tarzan are mighty cute. I hope Roxie and Velma learn to like the little guys.

By Anonymous kathyF, at 9:41 AM  

Both boys just love to play, be pet, and purr. And EAT.

By Anonymous Cat lover, at 11:44 AM  

They are so beautiful. I wouldn't be able to resist them either. They'll all get to be buds in time. And then it will be four against two. The power in your household has shifted, though you may not know it yet. : )

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:00 AM  

I'm w/ KathyF; I'm not sure I could handle being a foster mom. I am just barely hanging on as it is from turning into a cat/dog lady (which I still hope to later in life).

Tarzan and Ziggy S. are beautiful, and who could resist them! They've made a wise choice in finding you.

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