Saturday, December 02, 2006

Ellison decides not to swear on the Bible--the world as we know it collapses

Right-wing nutcake Dennis Prager is coming unglued because newly elected Congressman Keith Ellison plans to take his swearing-in oath on the Quran instead of the Bible, which makes perfect sense, since he is a Muslim. Said Prager: "America, not Keith Ellison, decides what book a Congressman takes his oath on." Prager went on to say that Ellison's use of the Quran "undermines American civilization."

Well, Dennis, you head-spinning fascist, I'm America, and I say Congressman Ellison should use his own holy book--or no holy book--to take his oath. And here's something else for you to think about:

Perhaps it would be refreshing for those taking the oath to step aside if they plan to commit mail fraud, illegally manipulate Congressional districts, use public money to buy their private possessions, participate in bribery schemes, evade taxes, commit fraud, drive while intoxicated, take illegal campaign contributions, cover up scandals, beat their wives, accept illegal gifts, and molest pages. Swearing on the Bible didn't seem to do much for a lot of these people.


That's funny. Isn't Dennis Prager supposed to be a Jew? Why is he so incensed about someone choosing not to swear on a Christian book? He probably knows that "the Bible" contains the New Testament, which has nothing to do with Judaism, and that real Jews have the so-called "Old Testament" in a Jewish configuration and refer to it in Jewish terms. Is Mr. Prager telling us he supports that whole Christian Nation thing? He may not be aware that the oaths people make on the Bible in American courts are optional. Judges can allow any oath that indicates the person testifying intends to be truthful and understands that lying on the stand comes with consequences (bad ones). Maybe he's just ignorant. Or terribly and strangely confused.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:52 AM  

Yes, Prager is Jewish, but he has supported the Christian right for a long time and promotes "Judeo-Christian" values and a "Judeo-Christian nation." He has also been known to identify himself as a liberal from time to time, which is the most absurd thing of all.

By Blogger Diane, at 11:41 AM  

Judeo-Christianity, in my opinion, is a fraud. Christians like the concept because it brings Jews under their tent. Their real goal is for Jews to be properly shaken of their stubborn refusal to "believe." It's a humiliation to them that Jews even still exist, since Christians see themselves as the inheritor and successor of the Jewish people. Jews buy into it because they imagine it offers them common, protective ground against centuries of Christian viciousness. This is an illusion, since the right wingnuts Prager gets in bed with would gladly put him in the oven if they could. He's only going to hell anyway, right? Prager has hired himself out as a pawn in this absurd game, and evidently fails to understand what a fool it makes him to anyone with a smattering of history in her head. For me, freedom FROM religion is far more important than freedom of religion. But speaking of freedom of religion, what could possibly be wrong, per the Constitution, with taking an oath on one's own holy book? Swearing by someone else's holy book is rather like swearing by whatever happens to be at hand, whether it be the Bible or a Cape Cod travel guide.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:04 PM  

Well, Anon, as long as it's not a Provincetown travel guide...

By Blogger Diane, at 2:35 PM  

If it were up to me, Provincetown would certainly be off the hook.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:39 PM  

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