Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bumper stickers that irritate me

A bumper sticker on my car

I see a lot of bumper stickers that irritate me: My Child Is An Honor Student At _____, I Stand With President Bush, etc. There is a real estate company next door a place I like to go for coffee, and one of the agents has the I Stand... sticker on her SUV. She also has a Boycott France sticker, and I wonder, what French thing could she possibly be boycotting? I always try to park next to her so she can get a good view of my Mother Jones bumper sticker (it probably means nothing to her), my anti-factory farming bumper sticker, the one shown above, and whatever else I happen to have on my car, such as The Patriot Act--There's Nothing Less American, or Support Democracy--Impeach Bush.

The one that irritates me the most, though, is on a car frequently parked near another coffee shop I frequent. This sticker says I Love My Wife. What the hell does this mean? That the rest of us doubt whether he loves his wife? That he thinks it is somehow a big deal that he love his wife? That the rest of the world should know that he really, really does love his wife? My first suspicion is that this man is having an affair, but perhaps he is just an idiot.

And what of the wife? If she has half a brain, she must by dying of humiliation. And if, by chance, she thinks it's cute, well...they deserve each other.

If you like to discuss bumper stickers, check out Ken's weekly feature at Coffee Spoons.


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