Sunday, November 19, 2006

Be an angel

Untold numbers of neglected dogs are left outside in the winter with no shelter. They are chained while it sleets and snows, or they are just wandering in yards, looking for some warmth. Many get frostbite, and some die.

You can give the gift of shelter to a dog this winter by donating to PETA's "Angel for Animals" program.


PETA can gain more of my sympathy by refraining from acting like assholes.

Until then, any cause that has "PETA" on it is prima facie a bad idea.

By Blogger Kevin T. Keith, at 12:46 PM  

I totally disagree. Someone needs to do what PETA does, in terms of in-your-face, but that is only a very small part of what PETA does*, anyway.

And, for the record, as mayor, Giuliani had a record of perpetrating animal cruelty, so I can't feel too bad about that. Best Friends has conducted a very major campaign to rescue the Middle East animals (and, when she speaks for PETA, it indeed isn't Newkirk's place to talk about human issues. I own copies of the "Holocaust On Your Plate" posters. They are extremely powerful. "Holocaust" is a word; it is not owned by those who were victims of WWII concentration camps. All suffering is horrific, and factory farming is nothing but institutionalized torture. My own car bears a bumper sticker: Factory Farming--A Holocaust Every Day (and, by the way, my mother was Jewish, and had to hide from the Nazis during WWII).

*selected PETA accomplishments that occured in a 6-month period:

Uncovered cruelty to monkeys at Covance U.S. The lab cruelty included striking, choking, and yelling at the monkeys; hosing cages with monkeys still in them; blaring loud music all day; slamming monkeys into cages right after dosing tubes were forced down their throats; and slamming doors to frighten them. Monkeys were found with rectal prolapses, monkeys were left to die painful deaths without euthanasia, their injuries went untreated, and they mutilated themselves out of chronic boredom.

Uncovered--for the second time--massive cruelty to lab animals at the University of North Carolina, who had promised to conform to proper standards, but had done nothing. Because of PETA's follow-up investigation, the NIH has now launched another investigation.

Uncovered terrible cruelty to dogs in the cardiac lab of Columbia University.

Led the fight against the Australian wool industry and against Benetton, who refuses to boycott Australian wool. Australia still performs the painful and barbaric practice of mulesing sheep, and also sends sheep on "death ships" to the Middle East, where their throats are slit. Only thousands of them collapse and die on the ships because of the temperature, which can get as high as 122 degrees.

Offered rewards to find various pet killers.

Led the campaign against Iams for its so-called nutritional research, which involves the killing of a number of cats and dogs. So far, Iams has responded by torturing mice, saying they will kill fewer dogs that way.

Led the campaign to stop the U.S. Park Service from trapping dogs with steel-jaw traps.

Began working with the Army Corps of Engineers to ban the use of steel-jaw traps.

Led the campaign against Kentucky Fried Chicken, whose chickens are bred and drug so that they cannot walk. They are crammed into massive sheds where they live in their own excrement, then--at a very young age (all factory farm chickens die very young), they are scalded to death in feather-removal tanks.

Got passage of an anti-chaining law in Virginia Beach.

Obtained significant prison sentences for people who set dogs on fire, beheaded a dog, and starved several animals.

Convinced Junonia to go fur-free.

By Blogger Diane, at 2:43 PM  

You're absolutely right, Diane. PETA provides a valuable service, not only to animal kind but to human kind.

Milk kills. It is strongly implicated in breast cancer and prostate cancer, as well as numerous other diseases, and by bringing it to our attention with a poster of Giuliani, maybe a few more people got that message.

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