Saturday, August 19, 2006

Security Moms feeling inscure--who cares?

I am so confused. These Security Moms who are allegedly abandoning the Republican Party--what was it that, up until now, made them think their children were safe? Was it George W. Bush's refusal to ban harmful lead levels in schools and playgrounds? Was it Bush's allowing increased air and water pollution throughout the country? Maybe it was his cutting back of healthcare funds for children. Wait--I know--it was his invasion of a country that was not a threat to us, thereby causing millions of people to hate us and a new breed of terrorism to flourish.

The Security Moms' children have not been so at risk for a long, long time as they have been during the Bush administration.

So now that the Democrats are salivating over getting the Security Moms over to their side, they are forgetting that what they are winning is a group of people too ignorant to live. If these women had bothered to find out anything at all about George W. Bush before 2000, they would have known that he would set out to make America unsafe for their children. They failed to notice it again in 2004, when it was chillingly obvious. There is no reason to believe they have suddenly begun to think and pay attention.


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