Friday, August 25, 2006

Mrs. Federline, just fine--Mr. Spears, oh the horror

I read this morning that people believe that poor Kevin Federline's major source of embarrassment is that he is considered "Mr. Spears."

The sad thing isn't Federline's status; it is the fact that the thousands of people who think this and say this don't appear to have a clue that they are insulting women. The last time I checked, it was 21st Century America, but it is still considered not only okay, but appropriate, for women to be subordinate in status to men and to be happy being "the wife of," but for a man to be considered "the husband of" is a deep insult.

The sexism in this culture is so deeply ingrained it is a like one of those viruses that keeps mutating itself to avoid being wiped out. And it is indeed making me feel sick.


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