Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Is there anyone in charge who is in touch with reality?

Today, I heard part of an interview with September 11 Commission co-chairman Thomas Keane. The commission, a clever whitewash that enrages me every time I think about it, met in New York City a year after the attacks, and, Keane said, its members were oh, so surprised "that there was still so much raw emotion."

Where do these people come from? A year is nothing. It goes by in a flash, especially if you have lost a loved one, and especially if that loved one was lost in a terrorist attack or from breathing toxic fumes the government told you would not cause any harm. That a group of individuals in so-called public service cannot grasp the very basic tenets of the grief process is shocking. But then, their leader did not know what the Taliban was during his first non-election. Perhaps I expect too much. Way too much.


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