Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ignorance takes so many forms

Although the laid-back staff does not embrace militant flesh-free attitudes that could turn away open-minded carnivores, the restaurant does embody some vegetarian stereotypes. Its low-sodium, mostly nondairy and meatless cooking (the one exception is a tuna sandwich), for example, tastes vegetarian. Sometimes bland, sometimes mostly raw, the food tastes as healthy as it is.

This is part of a restaurant review I just happened to run across (of a restaurant I used to eat at many years ago).

"Militant flesh-free attitudes"?!" That would make me laugh out loud if it weren't so ridiculous. First of all, restaurant employees are not permitted to publicly embrace any attitudes. Second, meat-eaters entering a vegetarian (though it is no longer strictly vegetarian, with tuna being served) restaurant--unless they sit at the table and talk loudly about how much they love chicken and steak--are not revealing whether they are vegetarian or just "open-minded," so how could anyone develop an "attitude" about them? (Bear in mind that this restaurant is in a sophisticated urban area.)

But the corker is: "tastes vegetarian." What in hell is that supposed to mean, other than, as the reviewer says "sometimes bland." Or perhaps she means that the vegetables are not made to taste like meat. What a concept.

What an idiot.


Oh, how I hate crap like this. One reason I keep on posting recipes, to try to make people realize vegetarians care just as much about taste as omnivores do.

In fact, here at Chez Flake we LOVE the spicy. We are sometimes a wee bit militant, too, I must admit. There was that time I tied up a carnivore and force fed him seitan...

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