Saturday, August 26, 2006

Happy Women's Equality Day to you, too

"Our Nation remains committed to advancing the equality of women in the world's newest democracies and fighting threats to women around the globe."
George W. Bush

Of all the garbage that spews from the filthy mouth of this amoral philistine, this particular piece bothers me the most. "Fighting threats to women around the globe." Right. Like making sure that hundreds of thousands of African women cannot obtain birth control education and therefore continue to die of AIDS or commit suicide after getting botched abortions. Or abandoning women in Afghanistan so that they are once again subject to the terrors of the Taliban. Or how about the thousands of women in Iraq who have been left widowed, homeless, childless, or dead because of Bush's invasion of their country?

And let's not forget how Bush has advanced the equality of women in his own country. From removing women's program websites to removing women's programs--especially for military women--to funding school programs that teach children that girls are supposed to be submissive, to permitting pharmacists to refuse to fill women's prescriptions...the Bush administration has done a bang-up job of advancing equality.

In all fairness, however, Bush's attitudes toward women reflect those of the nation and the world. When Eve Ensler said that while behaviors toward women may differ from nation to nation, attitudes toward women were the same everywhere, she hit the nail on the head.

Who is raging against the disgusting hypocrisy in Bush's proclamation for today? Where are the leaders? Where are the men and women who will stand in public and say what I have said in this post?


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