Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Petrova crashes out of French Open with injury

Hot, hot clay competitor Nadia Petrova had to withdraw from the Italian Open because of a pectoral strain. That was a wise thing to do. She got some rest, then headed over to Roland Garros to practice for the French Open. While she was practicing, she developed a groin strain. Today, that strain constricted her movement, and she lost in the first round to Akiko Morigami, who saw Petrova wasn't moving well and ramped up her own game to a very high level, hitting winning groundstrokes and drop shots. She won, 6-2, 6-2.

This is an extremely disappointing event for tennis fans. Petrova won three clay tournaments this year, in Amelia Island, Charleston, and Berlin, and was a top contender to win the French Open. Now that she is out, some of the drama of this year's French Open is gone. Some fans, however, are saying that Petrova brought this problem on herself because she plays in too many tournaments. They could be right. Both she and Patty Schnyder play in more tournaments than most other players. Schnyder seems to have been blessed with a body that rarely sustains injury, but Petrova may have finally pushed it too far.

Speaking of Patty Schnyder, one of my top favorites, she has a fan in Mats Wilander. He also likes David Nalbandian, another of my favorites.

And over at ESPN, Whit Sheppard says some hostile things about Martina Hingis. Hingis did some stupid, inappropriate things when she was younger. Many of us have forgiven a more mature Hingis those transgressions. Sheppard, however, is in a snit because she isn't kissing the sports media's ass. Give me a break.

And this is as good a time as any to say: Allez Amelie! Go Martina! Go Patty! Go Roger! Go David!


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