Monday, May 01, 2006

The closing of the Princess Cafe

Princess Cafe, the world's only virtual rock and roll restaurant, which my husband and I have published online for exactly six years, is now closed. I have other publishing priorities, and I also had just about exhausted my mental stash of menus, tips, and tidbits. We emailed the final newsletter last night, and it is meaningful to receive some of the replies I have gotten; people really enjoyed the cafe and used many of the cooking tips and recipes. The word "sad" has popped up quite a few times, too.

I, too, am sad to end this project. We thought about ending it when Princess, the cafe's namesake, died, but decided to continue publishing (here is our memorial to Princess). Now we have really come to the end of the project, and I do have mixed feelings.

The Princess Cafe archives will remain online, at least for a while.


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