Thursday, December 29, 2005

Things that really ticked me off in 2005

Ronald Reagan's being named the "Greatest American"--that my fellow citizens gave such an honor to an imperialistic, racist, misogynist, warmongering, murdering snake oil salesman made me sick. But if 25% of Russians would vote for Stalin again, I suppose Reagan-worship can be put into perspective.

The circus otherwise known as the death of Terri Schiavo

The trashing of Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco in order to take the heat off of Chertoff, Bush, and Brown--the sad thing is that it worked.

The loss of Susan Sontag, Molly Yard, Andrea Dworkin, Marla Ruzicka, Arthur Miller, Teresa Wright, Anne Bancroft, Rosa Parks, Eugene McCarthy, Richard Pryor, and Mitch Hedberg

The final destruction of Sibel Edmonds' lawsuit against the Department of Justice--with it went that silly entity about which Americans care so little: the truth.

My neighbors, as usual, with their roaming dogs, speeding cars, and right-wing yard signs

Lindsay Davenport's failure to win a Grand Slam tournament

America's continuing, enthusiastic support of the torturous hell known as factory farming, as well as its companion entity, the laboratory animal testing industry

The loss of September--none of us down here knows where it went

The news media's ignoring the hundreds of victims of the Guatemala mudslides

My prolonged case of writer's block

The further destruction of American feminism

The idiots that kept cutting the phone cables every time they were repaired after the hurricane hit

Mariah Carey's comeback

Seeing New Orleans washed away while my government allowed its citizens and their companion animals to drown and starve

The loss of three vases and my only piece of Majolica pottery--most of them gifts--to the incorrigible force of nature known as Roxie

The discovery that the Army Corps of Engineers built the New Orleans levees out of toothpicks and modeling clay

And most of all: The news media's and most of Congress's ignoring stacks of solid shocking evidence that the Ohio election was stolen


this is going to sound somewhat silly in the face of how many big, awful things are on this list, but - i am still really sad about mitch hedberg dying! when i saw the headline, i almost fell out of my chair. for a guy that i didn't even know, i was upset for days.

strange, the way these things affect us.

By Blogger kate.d., at 2:17 PM  

It upset me, too, Kate. It was shocking, and really sad.

By Anonymous Diane, at 6:50 PM  

Great/awful list, Diane. Well done. I think you managed to name most of the things that also disappointed and outraged me. Except for your kitty, Roxie's, misadventures. Sorry: Something that cute could ruin anything of mine. I mean ANYTHING.

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