Saturday, December 31, 2005

Saturday raccoon blogging

It is very unusual to see a raccoon during the day;
this one was hiding under some Katrina debris in a ditch

It occasionally came out to stare back at us

With all the dogs (including a coon dog) around, and with all
the neighborhood kids passing by, we were worried, and decided
to tempt it out with some food and lure it to our wooded back yard
(which is not quite so wooded after Katrina)

Here it is, crossing the street, finally, only to follow me
to our back door and try to come into our house;
Roxie got a good look at it from high on her cat tree,
and when it toured our front porch, Velma got a good view
of it through our dining room window


Earlier this fall we noticed one morning that a soccer ball we'd left outside up against the house was laying in the middle of the yard.

So, I picked it up and set it on top of our brick barbecue grill off our patio. The next morning, when it was back out in the yard again, I decided to investigate.

I set the ball under our large sweet gum tree, along with several ears of sweet corn. Before going to bed, I switched the light on, and, sure enough, two raccoons were happily rolling the ball back out into the yard.

The little s**ts ate the corn,too. :)

By Anonymous broncobob, at 8:29 PM  

That's a good story. We get them on the deck sometimes, late at night, but it is rare that we see one in the daylight. The only other one I can recall was also on the deck. This one seemed vulnerable, though, so we wanted to get it back into some raccoon habitat. Unfortunately, our wildlife habitat isn't what it was before Katrina.

By Anonymous Diane, at 11:26 PM  

Diane, it's quite possible this one was sick. We had one near our house in the daytime in Wisconsin, and I called animal control. They told me it likely had distemper.

He might be a target for the loose dogs in your neighborhood, and could even infect them I suppose. Or your cats.

By Anonymous KathyF, at 1:29 AM  

I considered the possibility that it was sick, but it really seemed quite healthy when we took a good look at it. You never know, of course. Just as likely, however, is the possibility that it, like many other creatures, is confused by post-Katrina habitat loss.

Our cats would never ever be let outdoors (nor do they want to go out), so that is not an issue.

By Anonymous Diane, at 10:15 AM  

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