Friday, December 02, 2005

None dare call it America

I cannot stop reading Mark Crispin Miller's "None Dare Call It Stolen" in the August issue of Harper's. My magazine is bent and worn from having the pages turned so many times.

The problem is that, try as I do, I cannot get my mind around the fact that the entire U.S. Congress (with the blessed exception of John Conyers, Barbara Boxer, and a few others), knowing full well that the 2004 Ohio presidential election was probably the most crooked election in modern history, ignored piles of shocking evidence and just went on with business.

Even worse, the entire national media, given all of the outrageously shocking--yes, I have to say it again--evidence of everything from flagrant voter intimidation to widespread machine tampering to in-the-light-of-day breaking of Ohio law, either ignored what happened in Ohio or went out of its way to make fun of and otherwise discredit "conspiracy theorist" Conyers and his few colleagues.

This was worse than Watergate. Worse, even, than the 2000 Florida election, because it followed the 2000 Florida election, when we knew something funny went on. It was, and is, a conspiracy among the White House, Congress, and the press to destroy what was left of American democracy. And it is making me feel insane, living in this Alice-in-Wonderland world in which I am supposed to act as though we are going through a hard time, but everything will be alright.

There is no light at the end of this tunnel. Who is going to save us? Not Congress, who didn't see anything alarming about what was almost certainly a second stolen presidential election, and at the very least, the attempted theft of an election. Not the news media, whose members are owned and operated by the White House. Not the voters, who still think that "vast right-wing conspiracy" is a Hillary Clinton joke, and who, for the most part, do not have a clue what is going on.

America, which was very seriously injured by the racist, amoral, imperialist Ronald Reagan and his millions of worshipers, is now dead, as far as I am concerned, and no one can tell me what to do with the corpse.


I am a HUGE fan of Mark Crispin Miller as well. And I wrote him at his blog, and he listed mine, which is really flattering to me, considering his accomplishments, daring, etc.

I also highly recommend renting or buying "A Patriot Act." You'll laugh; you'll cry; you'll be astounded and afraid. But it's an important work. I bought the DVD but I can't find it - I probably lent it out one too many times.

He's brilliant, he's important, and I agree that it's beyond frustrating and amazing that no one is talking about the immense corruption of this past pres. election.

The first glaring -- and I mean GLARING -- evidence that it was corrupt were the exit polls. The disparity was ridiculous, and no other election has ever come close to that level of disparity.

It galls me.

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