Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I have figured out how to have a lot more leisure time

It's so simple, I'm surprised I didn't think of it before. All I have to do in my psychotherapy practice is refuse to treat clients whose values I find morally objectionable. That would include Republicans, hunters, factory farm meat-eaters, racist people, sexist people, homophobic people, fundamentalist Christians, supporters of the Iraq invasion, and people who shop at Wal-Mart.

I would be left with about two clients and I could see them both on the same day, thus giving me a lot more time to read, write, watch films, play with my cats, and tool around town. Of course, I would have a significant drop in income, but since I am a liberal, I am already considered to be either a rich dilettante or a lazy collector of handouts, so what difference would it make? I am also a minor Katrina victim, and everyone knows that we are all just sitting on our stoops, drinking beer and whining about the government, rather than building electrical grids, constructing houses with no assistance from workers, installing telephone lines, stimulating the economy with no jobs, and making ourselves impervious to disease.


Hey -- this is a great plan!

I can just refuse to teach any student whose moral values conflict with mine! Which, here in the rusty bit of the Bible Belt is, well, shit, about 3/4ths of'em!

And since (unlike you) I'm not in bidness for myself -- since I'm being paid by the state -- I won't even have to suffer a cut in pay!

What a deal!

By Blogger delagar, at 4:34 PM  


I, too, work for the state, which means I sit around doing nothing, taking what I can get, using up resources, and managing to get promoted! Now, if I can just figure out how to waste that other 12 minutes of my day, I'll have even more free time, too. I'm inspired. I can do this. After my coffee break.

By Anonymous ae, at 11:09 PM  

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