Friday, November 18, 2005

Most sickening car sticker I've seen in a while

Today, I was behind an SUV that had a Christian fish sticker with a cross inside it; the whole thing was red, white, and blue with stars and stripes.


It takes more than a metal fish on your ass to be either christian or patriotic!!

By Blogger Jolie, at 3:30 PM  

Just yesterday, I was passed by a woman in a huge suv, I drive a tiney tiny gas saving car, and she flipped the naughty finger, yes she did, right there on the freeway, I was going 60 miles per hour, that was fast enough, she was flying by me and on the back of her huge expensive suv, was a sign, what would jesus do. Now, I might be wrong, beings how I am just a flaundering soul here, but I'm thinking he wouldn't be driving a huge fucking suv and no he wouldn't flip me off. Maybe, she forgot, or maybe she only worries about what Jesus would do on Sundays. It could have been her parent's car. Nope, she was a fundie hypo. Yep that's who they are, support the troops but not with my family, worry about what Jesus would do without ever doing it theirself. Enough, go back you evil mind. That would be me.

By Blogger zelda1, at 5:21 AM  

See, Zelda, you just don't get it. She flipped you off in a loving way. As your spiritual mentor, she had no recourse but to explain to you (in the only manner available to her without having to actually speak to you) that your offense against her was (by proxy) an offense against Jebus. Think of her as a loving mother using the 'tough love' technique of slapping the pee-waddin' out of her slightly-slow-learning child who displeases her at the super market. It's all done with your eternal soul hanging in the balance and her making you realize that your spiteful offense (60 mph in a posted 65mph zone) threatens to make her late for her afternoon prayer meeting with the reverend.

Shame on you for not understanding. I hope you've learned something from all this... Oh, and Gourd bless you!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:51 AM  

Thanks for the enlightenment, I so need it when it comes to the fundies. They are such a complicated multi faceted group that is truly misunderstood. War, murder, on and on, yes they are right there egging the president who in my humble opinon is one of the most vicious mass murderers in the history of the USA, well maybe there were a few others but his is sanctioned by the, wait, let me say it, the fundalmentalist jesus freaks. That so Fxxxxxg pisses me off. So, while I should appreciate the woman on her way to umm umm the prayer meeting with the ummm spritual advisor, I must remind myself that some things can not be appreciated until they are gone, like fine art, fine writings, and fine women, who run around spewing fundie doctrine from one side and vicious hate from the other. Oh my god, there I go being all negative. I must be more understanding of the others, the ones who are above enligtenment, the ones who will leave this world a shouting and go off in the blinking of eye to heaven, where they will forever more sit at jesus feet and feel fine when the sinners pass by on their way to the lake of fire and perhaps I will pass this woman and she will slyly so jesus won't see her, flip me the naughty finger again. I will regret not picking that habit up myself, well that's a lie, I do the double naughty finger, the one that means worse, so I am worse, she is justified. Another argument reasoned out. Wow! educated folks make me who I am:)

By Blogger zelda1, at 8:11 AM  

This conflating of the religious and patriotic is what really frightens the bejeezus out of me. I can barely understand the conservative mind as it is w/ one's self-identity so wrapped up in national identity but tack on religious fervor to that, and it ain't good: Creationism, Middle East crusades, Murkan Jeebus, church as state. Denmark's looking more and more attractive to me!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:22 PM  

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