Thursday, November 17, 2005

Holla Back!

Thanks to Pandagon, I visited Holla Back, a blog in which women of New York City photograph men who harrass them. It is totally pathetic that in 21st Century America, there is a need for women to holla back, but--as we all know--that is reality. So a shout-out to Holla Back, and a plea for feminist men to help us put an end to the constant harrassment.


Okay, there is a young girl in one of my classes and she is attractive. Ever since school started, the professor keeps the room ice cold and the door closed. I know what he is doing. The pervert. He and the other guys spend their entire time gawking at this child's chest. I say, I'm getting sick from the room being cold, he says do like me wear a jacket, I say why do you want the room so cold, he says it keeps the students awake, the males laugh. I say, you are a perv. and should be ashamed of your self and this borders on sexual harrassment. He says don't say that, the next class, the room was warm and he looks at me and says are you warm enough, I say yes. Now most people would say that it was the girl's fault, wearing such a thin blouse and her little breasts there all perky teasing the men. I say, no way, if she wants to wear a see through blouse and no bra, she has the right. But she wasn't dressing seductive, she was dressing like young women dress and that does not warrant having men use the artificial elements to produce certain biological responses which elicit certain erotic looking changes in her anatomy.
I think the camera thing is really cool and if I were of the physique to command men yelling or harrassing me, I would take their pictures and post them everywhere. I am going to, in fact, tell the young women to snap these creeps pictures, let the world see.

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