Thursday, October 06, 2005

Post-Katrina blues

Everyone has them. Some have post-Rita blues, also. I'm not sure we'll know what to do when the chainsaws are finally put away; we have become so accustomed to the sound. One of the work crews knocked our mailbox off of its post. I put it back, then they knocked the post down and threw logs onto our mailbox garden. We took one of the logs, set it upright, and stuck the mailbox on top of it, which is really rather attractive, in a rustic sort of way, but is only temporary.

I spent a few hours at the Department of Labor office this morning because my DUI claim was denied. Finally, I had to give up and leave because I had to go to work, something that many of the people there could not do. The place was full of tired people. One woman had driven from a long way on the other side of the parish because the Slidell Department of Labor office was obliterated by one of the hurricanes, and the temporary office had no computers. She arrived after noon, and was not allowed to sign up to be seen. I tried to give her my spot, but it wasn't permitted. Another woman was wheeling luggage around.

I was okay, though tired, until a man not far from me referred to the governor as a bimbo, and told the man next to him that if her opponent in the election--a far-right-wing, slick, opportunistic bureaucrat--had been elected, none of this would be happening. I'm no big fan of Governor Blanco, but if her opponent, Bobby Jindal, had won, he would have gone about his mission of placing the Ten Commandments all over the place, promoting school-sanctioned prayer, and doing his best to let women die rather than permit them to have abortions.

This afternoon, Louisiana's Insurance Commissioner was on the radio, talking about the mysterious fires that have consumed many New Orleans houses. He also knew about some people who were trashing their houses in anticipation of the arrival of their insurance adjusters. People are turning their neighbors in for insurance fraud, which is a good thing. (I am always amazed at how many "nice" people ask me to commit insurance fraud in my psychotherapy practice.) He also said he was under a whole lot of stress and was giving some thought to applying to be the director of the Arabian Horse Association.


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