Monday, October 03, 2005

The garden after Katrina

It appears we lost only three plants: a potted miniature rose, a small container of ornamental grass, and a potted azalea. Meanwhile, many of the roses, which I had pruned in August in anticipation of the October flush, are covered with buds or are blooming. Antique roses are very tough. When we returned from our evacuation, a floribunda rose we had placed up against the wall, out of the sun, was blooming.

The most unusual thing I saw was the appearance of buds on the night-blooming cerius. It bloomed fairly well in June and then stopped abruptly. Now, for some bizarre reason, it's making buds in October. We had a lovely burst of bloom from the oxblood ("hurricane") lilies and the rain lilies, and then we had one more surprise. Some time during the summer, we dug up our pink torenia after it was ravaged by a rabbit. We placed it in a tub, and when we evacuated, we moved the tub to a spot in the backyard, in front of the pump house. A few days ago, we found it blooming profusely.


I saw your comment on "Cat Out Loud" and wanted to get in touch with you, but couldn't find an email address. I hope leaving a comment here is okay.

At "Cat Out Loud" you wrote about two incidents involving dogs being shot in New Orleans. I thought you might be interested in knowing about at least two, and perhaps three other incidents, which is what the "Cat Out Loud" writer was specifically addressing. There were a bunch of dogs shot in two schools (I've heard there's a third school, but can't find a story about that). News reports about the incidents are practically invisible, but it is a true story, and Anderson Cooper and CNN covered the school shootings. It was the school shootings that "Cat Out Loud" suggested might have been necessary for humane reasons, although I disagree. Anyway, you can find a story about this brand new dog shooting incident at:

There's also a story by the Associated Press, but it's not as detailed.

In any case, thought you might want to know, as you're obviously in tune with the other cases of animal cruelty which have happened since the hurricane.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:39 PM  

Thanks much, Leigh-Ann.

(Scroll down and you'll see an email link on the right.)

By Blogger Diane, at 5:11 PM  

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