Saturday, July 23, 2005

When will we see the vigil?

A Florida man, John Laughon, who is serving time for possession of marijuana, is in a persistent vegetative state after a fight with prison guards on a trip to the hospital. The man received a blow on the head, nine broken ribs, and collapsed lungs. The inmate had a history of violent seizures, and his mother is wondering whether one was triggered by his not receiving his medication.

One hopes that Laughon recovers soon. But if he remains in a vegetative state, will the Christians with duct-taped mouths (oh, if only they taped their mouths up more often) have a protest outside his hospital? Will Jeb Bush criminally investigate Laughon's mother if she doesn't want him to linger for years with no functional brain? Will Bill Frist turn on the TV and diagnose him?

Did you even know about this until you read it here?


To answer your last question first, "No, I did not". However, since we don't know Mr. Laughton's faith (or lack thereof), this doesn't surprise me. Given his 'criminal' predisposition and incarceration, the inevitability of any telethons or Christian interventions or investigations on his behalf would seem to be in question.

I mean, come on now... he's a CRIMINAL, for chrissakes! If he's a Christian and found himself in the can, he'd best have a damned good reason before Jeb brings in the legions! Harrumph... Lucy Jane, bring me some more a 'em nice cookies you baked me and turn on the rad-e-o, it's time for Rush!

By Anonymous broncobob, at 11:29 AM  

as a matter of fact, I hadn't heard about it either. Maybe we should write to Jebba the Bush to see if he will ensure Mr. Laughton continues treatment unless he has a living will documenting he wants no treatment at all.

bob: the religious right have a tendency to rally around those in prison who describe themselves as Christian. W. was all keen to execute Karla Fay Tucker, but the fundies thought it best and rallied to have her sentence commuted because she had become Christian while in prison (mind you, if she had become the same exact remorseful, good-deed doing person, but in a religion other than Xtianity - they wouldn't have taken up her appeal).

By Blogger Ol Cranky, at 4:48 PM  

You are so random, I love your work. I am John Laughon's sister. No vigil necessary. Our mother will not deny him food like Terri Schivo's husband did her. His recovery is slow and uncertain.

Bronco Bob, have you ever broken any laws. Speed? Been at fault in an accident? Taken a prescription medication that was not prescribed to you? My brothers crime was using marijuana in his home to help his seizures. I can only imagine you have smoked marijuana at one time in your life and I bet it wasn't for medical purposes. No matter what crime John Laughon was in jail for, he was there to serve a sentence not to be beaten and left to die without medical care. No one deserves to be treated like that by someone who is paid to see to his safety while in jail.

By Anonymous Val, at 10:29 PM  

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