Thursday, July 21, 2005

Don't worry about the government

It baffles me how people of this nation are still moaning and groaning about the war in Iraq. As American citizens, it is vital that we trust our president and government to do what is best for our country because truthfully, they know a heck of a lot more about what is going on with terrorism than we do.

No one wants to fight a war or have our men and women of this great country be put in harm's way, but it is necessary to defeat the individuals who hate America and our way of life.

If you don't like how our country is run, disagree with the government, and continue to belittle America and our incredible leaders, then by all means, move out of the country. Go someplace else, because frankly, we don't want you here.

That is an excerpt from a letter to the editor of a major newspaper (who was canny enough to title it "Trust the government; it knows more than you"). The writer also praises John Roberts, trashes Justice O'Connor, and thanks Bush for fixing all of the problems created by Clinton's "handouts."

Using her logic, I suppose it is inevitable that we gather our forces and go to war to defeat Bush and his administration because no one could hate America more than they do. The letter-writer hates America, too. I should add that I have reason to believe that she is of recruitable age, and of course, one does wonder why she isn't in Iraq, risking her life for John Roberts.


Karl Marx couldn't have said it better. The state always knows best!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:07 PM  

She reminds me of the young woman I saw on a news segment during the anti-war/pro-war protests in Chicago. She was on the pro-war side of the street, and when they asked her why she supported the war, she said, "God appoints the president, and if Bush is president, everything he says is right." She was a middle-class, twenty-something white woman.

You can't even argue with this sort of ignorance. Well, you can, but you probably won't get anywhere. Brrrr....

By Blogger Helen Wheels, at 9:41 PM  

How about Lenin too!

It is this kind of thinking that has gotten America into the mess it is in now. I say rise up, overthrow our current government and start over. Bush is the cause of much suffering here in America and the World. He should be impreached for treason!

By Anonymous Jimmy Porter, at 10:02 AM  

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