Saturday, July 02, 2005

The continuing sexism of Wimbledon

A couple of days ago, the TV camera rested on Jon Leach, Lindsay Davenport's husband, who was sitting in the box watching Davenport in one of her matches. The commentator--I forget which one it was--said "There's Jon, Ricky Leach's brother (Rick Leach was a respected doubles player on the men's tour). I hate to identify him by saying he's 'someone's brother.'" Well," co-commentator Pam Shriver said, "he would hate it a lot more if you referred to him as 'Mr. Davenport.'"

Right. Because what could be more insulting than to be called by your spouse's name? Oh, wait...women have been called by their husbands' names for centuries. We groom them to grow up and become Mrs. Somebody. But if it happens the other way around, manhood is shamed.


Yeah, I wondered if you caught that. Thank God Pam Shriver has decided for the two of them that being called by Lindsay's last name would be incredibly shameful and embarrassing. Stupid sexism (sigh).

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