Monday, July 18, 2005

Black women get a little money in their pockets and, the next thing you know, they're lesbians

Thanks to Pam's House Blend for one of the most hilariously twisted quotations I've seen in a while. Rev. Willie Wilson, pastor of Union Temple Baptist Church in southeast D.C., had this to say: "Sisters making more money than brothers and it's creating problems in families...that's one of the reasons many of our women are becoming lesbians."

I have to confess I'm not sure what that means, other than Wilson is homophobic, sexist, and insane. Does he mean that the brothers can't handle their women making more money, so they reject them and therefore the women have to find other women as partners? Does he mean that women who make more money than men become "masculine" and therefore turn into lesbians? Or does he mean that the sisters become so fed up with the whiny-ass men that they go out and seek female companionship?

Whatever the hell he means, it should be noted that this is a man who once ran for mayor. And I can't leave this post without providing one more quotation from Wilson: "No wonder your behind is bleeding. You can't make no connection with a screw and another screw...."

Mr. Wilson, you poor pathetic thing, you can't make no connection with a mouth and a frontal lobe.



I saw your post title running down the rss feed and I'm still laughing.

By Blogger Jenny, at 9:12 PM  

What a fucking idiot. This is typical sexist (and hyperbolic homophobia) reactionary bullshit to women becoming economically self-sufficient, having successful careers (especially ones in male-dominated fields), and yes, even *gasp* making more money than their male-counterparts. Talk about anxious masculine insecurity. This is just the kind of thing Bell Hooks talked about in her book 'Ain't I A Woman; Black Women and Feminism'. Black women even still today face sexism within their own community.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:08 PM  

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