Thursday, June 16, 2005

My bad day

I am surrounded by the ignorant, but I usually don't have them right in my face, or at least, acting out right in my face. Today was different. In the local newspaper, a woman had written a letter in which she decried cockfighting. However, she hastened to add that--though she thought killing birds for sport was wrong--it was okay to slaughter them for food because that is why God gave them to us.

I do not share her belief about other animals being here for us to slaughter, eat, and wear. But there was a more relevant issue at stake: The cockfighting supporter she was addressing had written that he didn't understand why people get so upset about cockfighting when hundreds of thousands of chickens are slaughtered every day for food. I agree with him, which just goes to show you that everything is relative.

As abhorent as cockfighting is, what happens to factory farm chickens is much, much worse. The U.S. Congress has exempted chickens from the Humane Slaughter Act, so the treatment of chickens is even worse than the treatment of other factory farm animals (which is horrific enough). I wrote a letter to the editor explaining the the woman who was against cockfighting, if she was buying factory farm chickens (which I'm sure she is), is participating in more cruelty than even the cockfight fans. I didn't hear from the newspaper, which means my letter was not selected.

That was bad enough. But this afternoon, I took a break to have a cup of coffee at my local bookstore cafe, and was subjected to a mother and daughter--the girl looked to be about 16 and was wearing a W 04 T-shirt--sitting at a table reading aloud to each other from Ann Coulter's book, How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must). I wanted to walk over there and say to the mother, "How could you fill a child with such hate?" But of course I didn't because I am not rude and inapppriate like the people who worship Coulter.

I did walk by their table, though. If one of them had said "hello," I was prepared to answer "Whoa--better finish that book before you try talking to me."


You know, I'm glad you wrote the paper even if they are too cowardly to print it.

I feel the same when I see someone who eats pork and beef saying how barbaric it is that Koreans eat dogs.

So, what's so UNbarbaric about eating pigs?? And cows? And chickens, etc.?? People don't THINK.

I am only a recent vegetarian and before that I rarely ate meat, especially pork or beef. Now I am literally grossed out by it because I took time to educate myself about how they live and die (the living is probably worse in most cases). I honestly can't even kill a spider (I put them outside). How can I justify eating a pig when I would probably be traumatized for life if I ever took a trip to a slaughterhouse?

As long as we can get along nutritionally without eating animals, we shouldn't, in my humble opinion. And if we are going to kill them, why can't we at least do it humanely?

At least back in the day the meat I ate came from a farm where the animals got to have a sort of normal life. Now they come from cages stacked to the ceiling...

Who are the real barbarians??

By Blogger Unknown, at 8:19 PM  

I doubt seriously that the paper is too cowardly to print my letter. It is a lively liberal newspaper. There are just so few letters that get selected every day.

Though I do not personally think it is right to eat meat, I do have a lot of regard for people who eat free-range meat.

By Blogger Diane, at 8:27 PM  

Me, too!

By Blogger Unknown, at 10:59 PM  

Interesting comments. I used to eat shrimp, until I realized each one I ate was a life. Each chicken breast you eat is a significant portion of a life, too, which is what I tell my friends who say they are vegetarians except they eat chicken and fish.

I had an interesting conversation with a B&B operator who raises pigs. She sent one to the slaughterhouse and couldn't do that anymore, so now she sends them to a more "humane" slaughterer--what do they call them anyway? They get 24 hours in a nice pen before they're slaughtered. Ugh. I had to walk away.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:56 PM  

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