Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Television by idiots for idiots

Today, I just happened to catch MSNBC's program, "Connected Coast to Coast." Hosts Monica Crowley and Ron Reagan bemoaned the fact that Congress is tied up dealing with trivial matters like judicial appointments and not spending time on important things like the price of gasoline. Reagan made the statement that "most Americans don't care about these things (the list included the judicial nominations)."

I think Reagan is probably right, which is why this country is falling apart at the seams. But he and Crowley did nothing to suggest that Americans might pay more attention, nor did they do anything to educate the public about what is at stake. Quite the contrary. They spent the rest of the broadcast conducting interviews that confirmed that Congress is wasting its time with these "distractions."

Here is a direct (and of course, grammatically incorrect) quote from the show's producer, Tony Maciulis:
I have to be honest with you. Aside from what I do for a living and the inherent need to be well read on current events, I couldn't give a flying fig about either the Bolton nomination, the filibustering, or whether or not Tom Delay golfed in Scotland on a lobbyist's dime.

So much for due process, equal protection, right to privacy, free speech, voting rights, illegal searchs, and the right to seek legal recourse. Time to fill up the SUV.


I wrote what I thought was a stupid little post all about my undying love for Jon Stewart, but reading this idiot Tony Maciulis's (Senior Producer???) remarks, I'm thinking that declaring my love for Jon Stewart makes complete sense in comparison. Stewart is 10x the journalist this guy is.

Can you imagine any other profession in which it would be okay to declare one's concerted disinterest in such an indiscreet manner? (I know we all grouse in private.) And not only that, but to hold one's ignorance up as some sort of badge of honor. This guy wants to be an idiot, fine. But why do it outloud? I certainly wont' be sleeping better to think it's this guy who's influencing what the public sees and hears.

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