Tuesday, April 19, 2005

More obsession with homosexuality

You've heard of the "love that dare not speak its name." Now we have the hate that cannot shut up. Annoyed with the nationwide Day of Silence that combats anti-gay bigotry in schools, this year the Alliance Defense Fund held its own "Day of Truth" to coincide with the Day of Silence. Students were offered T-shirts with the slogan The Truth Cannot Be Silenced, and were asked to pass out anti-gay literature to other students.

337 schools participated in the Day of Truth, which was described as a "caring Christian response to the Day of Silence."

Meanwhile, in Nashville, one man's anti-gay activities have backfired. State Senator and Republican Caucus Chairman Jeff Miller recently sponsored a constitutional amendment to solemnize the marital relationship between one man and one woman, but he forgot to cover his own tracks. Miller's wife has filed for divorce because, she says, he has been carrying on with another woman.


I went to the web site and read the message on the cards these "caring Christians" passed out during their "day of truth." The card says that they believe in equal treatment for all, not special rights for a few. Guess they really are that clueless and twisted.

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