Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Chris Matthews is an idiot

Well, this is hardly a revelation, I know, but I happened to have the television on this evening, when he seemed to be at his worst. The subject of a Hillary Clinton presidential candidacy came up, and Matthews' comment was "Well, that would motivate all the men in the country to vote against her." All the men? The liberal to moderately liberal men I know (here in my "red" state) are huge fans of Senator Clinton and would gladly vote for her. I'm inclined to think Matthews' statement was a projection of his own sentiments.

To be fair, I have to ask: Was he just making a statement about sexism in the United States? No, of course he wasn't.

Later in the broadcast, Matthews talked about Tom Brokaw's retirement and wondered what the real story was, since "no one retires at the top of his game." Yes, you Bush-lusting freak--a lot of people do. It's called mental health. Perhaps Brokaw has some of it.

He also made some comments about John Kerry; he was guessing that Kerry wouldn't get all "hang-dog" like Al Gore, and grow a beard. What is this thing in equating men's facial hair with unacceptable behaviors and values? Aren't we past the 60's yet? It's really interesting that these people who worship uber-masculinity get uncomfortable when they see beards and mustaches. Clean-shaven equals mental health. Chris Matthews is clean-shaven and even wears preppie shirts and ties, but he is still an idiot.


I was in a progressive's paradise during the election, Ithaca, New York, home state of Senator Hillary Clinton. She is greatly respected among my Democrat/Liberal friends there. It was curious, though, that after the election these friends were speculating that perhaps Hillary shouldn't run in the next presidential election. Their theory was that the party needed a Southern candidate in order to win. -DS

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