Friday, January 05, 2007

Once and for all, these are NOT "good" people

There are a number of Republicans who frequently find themselves on a non-Republican's list of "Republicans I admire" or "Republicans I can accept," and not a damned one of them is worthy of anything but contempt:

1. Colin Powell: He helped cover up the tragedy known as the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam War (think about it--why else would an African American military man be put on a fast track for promotion during that period?). Just as horrible, he used every argument ever used--word for word--to keep blacks out of the military, in his plea to keep gays out. And he participated in Bush's deception about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

2. John McCain: He is most definitely not a "maverick" and an "independent" thinker. He is a nasty, right-wing activist who will do anything from embrace the man who trashed him to hire the scum of the Earth to help him get elected.

3. Rudy Giuliani: The former mayor of New York City was sued more than two dozen times for civil liberties violations while he was mayor. He lost every case.

4. John Danforth: The former senator has somehow managed to become a "wise elder," even though he created and operated a campaign of outrageous lies about Dr. Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas hearings. To make matters worse, Danforth is also an Episcopal priest, and while he was recruiting young people to say things about Hill that were totally fabricated, he was running down to the local church and celebrating the Eucharist. Congress rewarded him by giving him the job of investigating the Waco/FBI incident. Not one Congressperson objected to the choice of Danforth on moral grounds, i.e., that he was a liar and a character assassin.


Yup. Apparently Danforth (Purina heir) didn't remember either the Scripture about being wise as serpents or the one saying thou shalt not bear false witness. ie, he was either taken for a ride (no compliments to his power of discernment) or he knowingly "sold" the Senate on an unworthy candidate.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:33 PM  

I vote for option 2. Anyone with the ability to read knew that Thomas had no qualifications at all.

By Blogger Diane, at 10:43 AM  

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