Thursday, June 01, 2006

Declaring 2004 election stolen in Ohio not a new story

I'm glad that Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a man I admire, has a story forthcoming in Rolling Stone about what anyone who was paying attention believes was a stolen election in Ohio in 2004. But liberal bloggers and posters are acting as though they have found the Rosetta Stone. Mark Crispin Miller had a thorough, mind-boggling feature on this matter in Harper's in September, which was eight months ago. And his book, Fooled Again, has been out for a while.


The thing is, most liberal bloggers AREN'T paying attention, the A-list ones anyway, as eRobin pointed out today. They're too afraid of being labeled conspiracy nuts.

By Anonymous KathyF, at 2:55 PM  

Good point. Which means they have once again caved to the right wing's name-calling game.

By Blogger Diane, at 4:11 PM  

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