Thursday, May 04, 2006

Teacher loses her contract over decade-old event

Tericka Dye, a high school science teacher and volleyball coach in Paducah, Kentucky, was suspended yesterday and told she will not be returning to the classroom. School administrators discovered Dye had been in an x-rated video more than ten years ago, and declared that her presence in the classroom would "cause a disruption to the educational process."

Dye said she made the movie in 1995 because she was suffering from bipolar disorder, had no money to treat it, had no income, and had no home. She did not use her real name. She later joined the Army and served in a military police unit.

The county school board administrators have yet to explain why Dye's students would even know about the video. Of course, it is possible that it was a student who found the video, but that is unknown at this time. If it wasn't, then the only way students would know would be because the school board has blabbed it all over Kentucky.

But let us say, for the sake of argument, that the students did know about it before the school board publicized it. So what?


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