Monday, January 02, 2006

On what the Times knew

If the editors of the New York Times knew about the spying before the November election, an argument could be made that:

  1. They didn't want to unduly influence the election.
  2. Or that they put the needs of the White House before the need for the public to know what was going on.
  3. Or that they were afraid of repercussions if they revealed what was going on.
  4. Or that they so totally supported the war, that they did what would best help George W. Bush "win" the election (stacks of evidence indicate that he probably did not win it).
  5. Or that they so totally support the Republican Party that they did what was best to help George W. Bush win the election.

Any of these arguments is scary, though the second one can probably be debated by somewhat reasonable people. If I had to guess which one is the correct answer, I would pick number 5.


I have wondered the same thing. Who really leaked this to the Times? The White House? Why, of course not.

By Anonymous NorwegianLiberal, at 2:15 PM  

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