Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Matthews, Hume, and Snow tried to raise money for what turned out to be fake Abramoff charity

Jack Abramoff's Capital Athletic Foundation was formed, ostensibly, to help "needy and deserving" youth learn sports, teamwork, etc. The foundation raised $6 million in its first four years. Of that, 1% went to sports-related activities for kids. The rest, know.

AmericaBlog points out that the Interactive Spy Game Gala, a fund-raising event which never took place, and which was supposed to raise funds for CAF, was to have been hosted by Tony Snow, Brit Hume, and Chris Matthews. Matthews, a wannabe (by his own revelation) and enthusiastic groupy of powerful men, was probably salivating at the thought of meeting Abramoff. For Snow and Hume, it was most likely business as usual.

And, as AmericaBlog also points out, Matthews has twisted a facial muscle telling his viewers that the Abramoff scandal really doesn't have anything to do with Republicans.


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