Monday, August 01, 2005

This White House holds us all in contempt, but especially women

If U.N. Ambassador John Bolton really did force his wife to engage in group sex, that would be rape. The State Department has yet to refute the allegations, and the Senate has yet to discuss them. We know, from the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor of California, that even multiple allegations of sexual assaults of women (at least one of them involving a minor)--all criminal acts if they occurred--do not matter to the public. The "public" includes so-called "moderates" and many so-called "liberals" who do not see criminal acts against women as significant "mistakes."

If you are paying attention (and that excludes a very significant group of Americans), it is getting harder each day to keep your head from exploding. The "values" resident who promised to restore dignity to the White House has either appointed to office or is thick as thieves (no metaphor really required) with everyone from an alleged rapist to traitors, liars, conspirators, and human rights violators to people who wish to blow up and destroy America.

The war against women is being fought on all fronts--casual dismissal of allegations of sexual assault and child sexual abuse among Republican favorites, attacks on choice, attacks on birth control, teaching school children that girls and women should be submissive, a climate in which American servicewomen are sexually assaulted and raped by other American soldiers, and the national promotion of a religious movement that is fueled by misogyny.


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