Sunday, June 12, 2005

Some thoughts on the Zach situation

By now, most of you have heard about Zach, the 16-year-old Tennessee boy who told his Christian fundamentalist parents that he is gay, and who has been shipped off to Refuge, a "camp" run by Love In Action International, whose members claim "There is no such creation as a 'gay' or 'homosexual' person" (as usual, bisexuals are snubbed).

Love In Action's executive director is gay, its business administrator is gay, it sounds like one of its house managers is gay, and many of the staff bios indicate that other staff members could be gay or bisexual. Love in Action is a really gay organization, when you get down to it, except that these staff members have "left the homosexual lifestyle." Or at least they say they have, and maybe they really have. But they are gay nevertheless. Oh, and they are delusional.

So this is an organization established and run by people who hate themselves, and hateful, idiot parents entrust their children to this group of gay self-haters. Doesn't it make you want to sit around a campfire and sing Judy Garland songs?

Here is what a couple of 17-year-old Refuge detainees have written about their experiences:
Refuge has shown me who I really am, and that God accepts me unconditionally.
Well, if God accepts you unconditionally, that means it's okay to be gay, right?
Love In Action International has truly been my Refuge from the constant murky gray that this society offers in the place of the defined black and white I was searching for.
And there you have it. In a culture that refuses to teach people to think, a culture that actually discourages and punishes thinking, it becomes necessary to find the black-and-white answers, and there are thousands of sickos and liars lined up to give them to you.

Tennessee Guerilla Women offer this deeply disturbing quotation from the gay minister who runs Refuge:

I would rather you commit suicide than have you leave Love In Action wanting to return to the gay lifestyle. In a physical death you could still have a spiritual resurrection; whereas, returning to homosexuality you are yielding yourself to a spiritual death from which there is no recovery.

Better dead than gay. That's the real message.

Here is information on the demonstrations that are being held in Memphis.


Wow. That is nuts. I am embarrassed that these people call themselves CHRISTians, b/c a)Christ would NEVER say those things to people and b)they are misrepresenting so many NORMAL people who accept everyone for who they are. But then again, there is a whole fundamentalist movement in our nation that advocates and institutionalizes discrimination in the name of "GOD." And we like to vote them into power. What is wrong with our country!!!!!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:49 AM  

These de-gaying camps really make my head spin.

The out-and-out fear of homosexuality that these people have is something I actually can't quite fathom. I've never had a phobia so maybe that's why. I just assume all the people involved in this are either delusional, phobic, have another serious disorder (involving self-hate) and/or incredibly stupid (my guess for #1 reason).

And of course you know the irony is that probably behind closed doors there simply MUST be lots of hanky-panky. There must be. They are setting it up sort of like the Catholic church - repressed gay men in close contact with boys.


By Blogger Unknown, at 10:56 AM  

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