Friday, June 03, 2005

Rick Perry wants to make sure God sees him sign it

Texas Governor Rick Perry, long rumored to be gay or bisexual, is about to sign legislation that would let Texans vote on an amendment banning same-gender marriages. Perry is signing the legislation at Calvary Christian Academy.

Perry will also be signing a bill requiring parental consent for obtaining abortions. And just to drive the whole point home, he'll be signing the gay marriage ban resolution in the school gym.


Probably yet another case of the in-the-closet gay man who can't stand what he is so will make sure he persecutes gay people as much as possible. It's nearly getting cliche. How many of them are getting found out?

I wish I could remember the name of the senator (I think) who got caught trying to solicit gay sex. Damn... the name escapes me...

Oh well. Maybe this guy will get outed soon. And then the healing can begin :)

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