Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A not-so-secret success formula for winning elections

It's such a simple formula: Take an insignificant statement or fact and blow it out of context, or just make up anything at all and work up the right wing's anger. Ann Richards' association with lesbians, Hillary Clinton's cookie-baking statement, Howard Dean's "scream," John Kerry's Swift Boat "cowardice." All of these are either out-and-out lies (Kerry), events purposefully described out of context (Dean), or progressive actions or statements that offend conservatives (Richards and Clinton).

Once the talking points are established and the emails are circulated among the blood-thirsty, both the moderates (whoever they are) and the "progressives" say: Well, I can't vote for (fill in the blank) even though I'd like to because s/he is too controversial.

It's a one-two punch that has repeatedly knocked down an entire political party for the count. And if it works so well, why not keep using it? Unless Democrats and their colleagues fight first or fight back, the Rove-Hughes monster will continue to devour elections. It looks to me like they don't have much to worry about.


I've always been confused about the Howard Dean 'outburst'. I didn't even think it was any big deal. Indeed, it was pretty damn amazing that Hughes/Rove could spin something so huge out of a non-issue such as that.

Wimpy dems aside, I don't think they had a chance anyway, for what it's worth. Those elections were fixed as fixed can be. At least I truly believe they were (and so does Gore Vidal and Al Franken and Greg Palast, many, many others, etc., etc.).

Not to downplay the importance of Hughes/Rove ability to spin and fool voters, mind you... very good points indeed. I also often wonder why the dems can't seem to learn from that behavior. Either dish it out right back or develop something better! They sort of just sit there in disbelief...

I nearly blew my cerebral cortex witnessing the complete lack of fight in the Kerry camp with those creepy lying Swift Boat Veterans.

What really gets me most is the outright lying. The administration can do that whenever it wants. Rummy, bushy, et al. tell whoppers every day and no one in the mainstream media calls them on it, so they can keep on doing it.

So very discouraging...

By Blogger Unknown, at 6:42 PM  

When Dean started yelling, he didn't know that only the directional mikes were on. These types of mirophones are designed to shut out all competing noises. Thus, his screaming was accented heavily and made him sound--to some people--like he had gone over the edge.

By Blogger Diane, at 7:02 PM  

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