Monday, June 13, 2005

Home of the brave

Over at Pam's House Blend, there is a sampling of comments made by members of Free Republic (have they ever thought of changing their name to something more appropriate?) about North Carolina Congressman Walter Jones' (yes, the "freedom fries" idiot) calling for a timetable to get out of Iraq.

Here is the one I can't stop looking at:

"This is what I'd like to know...why have a military if we aren't willing to risk them giving their lives?"

Listen up, Free Republic hypocrites: The only people not fighting or participating in the war (meaning, in Iraq) who are risking other people's giving of their lives are the people who make a decision to marry soldiers and military support persons. Even the parents, siblings, and chldren of soldiers and military support persons are not "risking" anything because they did not make a conscious decision to become involved with them.

Furthermore--uninformed, ignorant-by-choice people whose children are being poisoned and whose financial security and civil liberties are being stomped on by the White House, and whose "patriotism" involves posting hate on a message board: You are not risking a damn thing. But if you have an adolescent son or daughter who may be drafted into the military, then I will grant you an exception, for you have chosen to risk your child's life. Congratulations on your courage.



Incredibly well said.

I wish there were a way to ship the Free Republic hate-spewing idiots off to Iraq. Sort of put the money where the slack-jawed mouth is.

That comment is quite a doozy. My head reels. I can see why you can't stop looking at it, at first I was convinced I read it wrong.


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