Monday, June 06, 2005

Former Enron executives big winners in new energy bill

According to Raw Story, Former Secretary of the Army Thomas White--who lied under oath to a Senate committee and is suspected of exploiting California's energy crisis on behalf of Enron--and three other former Enron executives stand to gain hundreds of millions of dollars worth of federal loan guarantees if the pending energy bill is passed.

According to Public Citizen, whose news release is quoted in Raw Story, Title XIV of the 700-page energy bill provides federal loans for "a project to produce energy from coal..mined in the western United States using appropriate advanced integrated gasification combined cycle technology that minimizes and offers the potential to sequester carbon dioxide emissions and...shall be located in a western state at an altitude greater than 4,000 feet."

According to Public Citizen, the only company that would benefit from such legislation would be Houston-based DKRW, the firm owned by White and the other former Enron executives.

Anyone who thinks Congress is looking out for her needs a reality slap. The four men who own DKRW stole from thousands of American citizens, and now they are close to being rewarded with a big fat contract.

And for what it's worth, Kenneth Lay is still not behind bars.


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