Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Finally--someone is going after dog fighters

Death threats from as far away as Germany and South Africa have landed on the desk of Laura Maloney, the executive director of the New Orleans SPCA. In the past few months, Maloney's team has been crucial in busting two high-profile dog-fighting businesses.

The arrest of Floyd Boudreaux in March was considered the biggest crackdown on dog-fighting in history. Boudreaux has been selling fighting dogs on an international basis for decades. The question is why it took authorities so long to close him down. The probable answer? No one considered it a priority.

Last week, police arrested Darren Williams and confiscated 170 dogs worth $1 million.

Maloney now has security cameras set up around SPCA headquarters, police officers patrol the area, and Maloney has bought a gun.

Dog fighting is a felony in every state, but those who participate have been handed such light sentences in the past that they have had no incentive to curtail their criminal activity. Maloney's dedication may change that.


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